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What Tom Waits Does All Day

Throws beef knees to an old three-legged dog that lives down at the abandoned rust factory Goes to garage sales and notices that it’s the soul of the man what’s garageselling what’s for sale Crafts lifesize human skeletons out of dry spaghetti and lets the wind


I’m a Bird In a Coffee Shop. Does That SCARE You?

Oh, so I guess you’ve never seen a bird inside of a coffee shop before. Sorry if that offends you. Actually, I was kidding. I’m not sorry. Go ahead, eat your muffin. I’ll still be here when you’re done, holding it down, not going anywhere


The New Myers-Briggs Personality Types

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) was a personality test developed by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers in 1921. It was based off the teachings of Carl Jung, the psychologist famous for first positing the question “What if this is all a frog’s dream?”


Secret Navy SEAL Training Exercises Revealed

Navy SEALs (Super Extreme Army Lifeguards) are the world’s most elite fighting force. Culled from the top echelons of the Navy, these hardened warriors are capable of legendary feats of strength, endurance and tactics. They are also the most enigmatic branch of the military; it can be hard


5 Tips for Lone Wolf Teens

High school is a difficult time in most people’s lives. Where do you fit in? Are you tough enough to play chicken with the jocks? Are you cool enough to wear meshbacked fingerless gloves and a single earring? Are you smart enough to help the


Top 50 Kramer Clips Reviewed

Seinfeld is a sitcom from the 90s that overcame its central conceit of being “about nothing” to rise to unprecedented heights of popularity. It chronicles the travails of Jerry Seinfeld as he strives to protect himself from being mildly inconvenienced by the people he meets. He is joined by